Debian 11 bullseye: небольшой взгляд на установку нового debian

Security Updates

This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release.
The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these

Advisory ID Package
DSA-4662 openjdk-11
DSA-4734 openjdk-11
DSA-4736 firefox-esr
DSA-4737 xrdp
DSA-4738 ark
DSA-4739 webkit2gtk
DSA-4740 thunderbird
DSA-4741 json-c
DSA-4742 firejail
DSA-4743 ruby-kramdown
DSA-4744 roundcube
DSA-4745 dovecot
DSA-4746 net-snmp
DSA-4747 icingaweb2
DSA-4748 ghostscript
DSA-4749 firefox-esr
DSA-4750 nginx
DSA-4751 squid
DSA-4752 bind9
DSA-4753 mupdf
DSA-4754 thunderbird
DSA-4755 openexr
DSA-4756 lilypond
DSA-4757 apache2
DSA-4758 xorg-server
DSA-4759 ark
DSA-4760 qemu
DSA-4761 zeromq3
DSA-4762 lemonldap-ng
DSA-4763 teeworlds
DSA-4764 inspircd
DSA-4765 modsecurity

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This stable update adds a few important corrections to the following packages.

Note that, due to build issues, the updates for the cargo, rustc and rustc-bindgen packages are currently not available for the armel architecture.
They may be added at a later date if the issues are resolved.

Package Reason
arch-test Fix detection of s390x sometimes failing
asterisk Fix crash when negotiating for T.38 with a declined stream , SIP request can change address of a SIP peer , AMI user could execute system commands , segfault in pjsip show history with IPv6 peers
bacula Fix oversized digest strings allow a malicious client to cause a heap overflow in the director’s memory
base-files Update /etc/debian_version for the point release
calamares-settings-debian Disable displaymanager module
cargo New upstream release, to support upcoming Firefox ESR versions
chocolate-doom Fix missing validation
chrony Prevent symlink race when writing to the PID file ; fix temperature reading
debian-installer Update Linux ABI to 4.19.0-11
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild against proposed-updates
diaspora-installer Use —frozen option to bundle install to use upstream Gemfile.lock; don’t exclude Gemfile.lock during upgrades; don’t overwrite config/oidc_key.pem during upgrades; make config/schedule.yml writeable
dojo Fix prototype pollution in deepCopy method and in jqMix method
dovecot Fix dsync sieve filter sync regression; fix handling of getpwent result in userdb-passwd
facter Change Google GCE Metadata endpoint from v1beta1 to v1
gnome-maps Fix an issue with misaligned shape layer rendering
gnome-shell LoginDialog: Reset auth prompt on VT switch before fade in
gnome-weather Prevent a crash when the configured set of locations are invalid
grunt Use safeLoad when loading YAML files
gssdp New upstream stable release
gupnp New upstream stable release; prevent the CallStranger attack ; require GSSDP 1.0.5
haproxy logrotate.conf: use rsyslog helper instead of SysV init script; reject messages where chunked is missing from Transfer-Encoding
icinga2 Fix symlink attack
incron Fix cleanup of zombie processes
inetutils Fix remote code execution issue
libcommons-compress-java Fix denial of service issue
libdbi-perl Fix memory corruption in XS functions when Perl stack is reallocated ; fix a buffer overflow on an overlong DBD class name ; fix a NULL profile dereference in dbi_profile()
libvncserver libvncclient: bail out if UNIX socket name would overflow ; fix pointer aliasing/alignment issue ; limit max textchat size ; libvncserver: add missing NULL pointer checks ; fix pointer aliasing/alignment issue ; scale: cast to 64 bit before shifting ; prevent OOB accesses
libx11 Fix integer overflows
lighttpd Backport several usability and security fixes
linux New upstream stable release; increase ABI to 11
linux-latest Update for -11 Linux kernel ABI
linux-signed-amd64 New upstream stable release
linux-signed-arm64 New upstream stable release
linux-signed-i386 New upstream stable release
llvm-toolchain-7 New upstream release, to support upcoming Firefox ESR versions; fix bugs affecting rustc build
lucene-solr Fix security issue in DataImportHandler configuration handling
milkytracker Fix heap overflow , stack overflow , heap overflow , use after free
node-bl Fix over-read vulnerability
node-elliptic Prevent malleability and overflows
node-mysql Add localInfile option to control LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE
node-url-parse Fix insufficient validation and sanitization of user input
npm Don’t show password in logs
orocos-kdl Remove explicit inclusion of default include path, fixing issues with cmake < 3.16
postgresql-11 New upstream stable release; set a secure search_path in logical replication walsenders and apply workers ; make contrib modules’ installation scripts more secure
postgresql-common Don’t drop plpgsql before testing extensions
pyzmq Asyncio: wait for POLLOUT on sender in can_connect
qt4-x11 Fix buffer overflow in XBM parser
qtbase-opensource-src Fix buffer overflow in XBM parser ; fix clipboard breaking when timer wraps after 50 days
ros-actionlib Load YAML safely
rustc New upstream release, to support upcoming Firefox ESR versions
rust-cbindgen New upstream release, to support upcoming Firefox ESR versions
ruby-ronn Fix handling of UTF-8 content in manpages
s390-tools Hardcode perl dependency instead of using ${perl:Depends}, fixing installation under debootstrap

Step By Step tutorial to Upgrade Debian 10 to Debian 11

1. System Update

The first thing which we need to follow is ensuring that all the pre-installed packages are up to date and if any upgrade is available for them that must be installed. Open your command terminal and run the following command-

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Also, install-

sudo apt install gcc-8-base

Check System’s current version.

cat /etc/os-release

2. Replace Buster repo with Bullseye

Next, we edit the source list file of Debian 10 and will replace the existing repository addresses with Debian 11  ones:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Disable all the existing entries for Buster by adding the # sign in front of each repo link.

#deb buster main 
#deb-src buster main  

#deb bullseye/updates  main  
#deb-src bullseye/updates main

Now, at the end of the file, copy-paste the following URLs list.

deb bullseye main contrib non-free
deb-src bullseye-updates main contrib non-free

deb bullseye-security main
deb-src bullseye-security main
deb bullseye-backports main contrib non-free

Save the file by pressing Crtl+X, Y, and hit the Enter key.

3. Run system update command:

To let the system recognize the newly added Repo URLs, run the system update command-

sudo apt update

If you don’t get any error after updating, then you can move further.

4. Command to full upgrade Debian 10 to 11 Linux

Finally, run the system full system upgrade command that will upgrade all the existing packages to transit your old  Debian Buster system to the latest LTS Bullseye.

sudo apt full-upgrade

Follow the intermittent text wizards to set default things, when the system starts processing upgrades.

Give the system permission to download and install the required packages. Note: Make sure the system screen wouldn’t get locked while the upgrading process.

Once the Debian 10 upgrading process is completed, reboot your system.

sudo reboot

6. Check the new system version

Now, let’s check which version we have on our system now, for that run-

cat /etc/os-release

You will see the output:

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Security Updates

This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release.
The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these

Advisory ID Package
DSA-4766 rails
DSA-4767 mediawiki
DSA-4768 firefox-esr
DSA-4769 xen
DSA-4770 thunderbird
DSA-4771 spice
DSA-4772 httpcomponents-client
DSA-4773 yaws
DSA-4774 linux-latest
DSA-4774 linux-signed-amd64
DSA-4774 linux-signed-arm64
DSA-4774 linux-signed-i386
DSA-4774 linux
DSA-4775 python-flask-cors
DSA-4776 mariadb-10.3
DSA-4777 freetype
DSA-4778 firefox-esr
DSA-4779 openjdk-11
DSA-4780 thunderbird
DSA-4781 blueman
DSA-4782 openldap
DSA-4783 sddm
DSA-4784 wordpress
DSA-4785 raptor2
DSA-4786 libexif
DSA-4787 moin
DSA-4788 firefox-esr
DSA-4789 codemirror-js
DSA-4790 thunderbird
DSA-4791 pacemaker
DSA-4792 openldap
DSA-4793 firefox-esr
DSA-4794 mupdf
DSA-4795 krb5
DSA-4796 thunderbird
DSA-4798 spip
DSA-4799 x11vnc
DSA-4800 libproxy

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This stable update adds a few important corrections to the following packages:

Package Reason
atftp Fix denial of service issue
base-files Update /etc/debian_version for the 10.8 point release
ca-certificates Update Mozilla CA bundle to 2.40, blacklist expired AddTrust External Root
cacti Fix SQL injection issue and stored XSS issue
cairo Fix mask usage in image-compositor
choose-mirror Update mirror list
cjson Fix infinite loop in cJSON_Minify
clevis Fix initramfs creation; clevis-dracut: Trigger initramfs creation upon installation
cyrus-imapd Fix version comparison in cron script
debian-edu-config Move host keytabs cleanup code out of gosa-modify-host into a standalone script, reducing LDAP calls to a single query
debian-installer Use 4.19.0-14 Linux kernel ABI; rebuild against proposed-updates
debian-installer-netboot-images Rebuild against proposed-updates
debian-installer-utils Support partitions on USB UAS devices
device-tree-compiler Fix segfault on dtc -I fs /proc/device-tree
didjvu Add missing build-dependency on tzdata
dovecot Fix crash when searching mailboxes containing malformed MIME messages
dpdk New upstream stable release
edk2 CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: fix NULL dereference
emacs Don’t crash with OpenPGP User IDs with no e-mail address
fcitx Fix input method support in Flatpaks
file Increase name recursion depth to 50 by default
geoclue-2.0 Check the maximum allowed accuracy level even for system applications; make the Mozilla API key configurable and use a Debian-specific key by default; fix display of the usage indicator
gnutls28 Fix test suite error caused by expired certificate
grub2 When upgrading grub-pc noninteractively, bail out if grub-install fails; explicitly check whether the target device exists before running grub-install; grub-install: Add backup and restore; don’t call grub-install on fresh install of grub-pc
highlight.js Fix prototype pollution
intel-microcode Update various microcode
iproute2 Fix bugs in JSON output; fix race condition that DOSes the system when using ip netns add at boot
irssi-plugin-xmpp Do not trigger the irssi core connect timeout prematurely, thus fixing STARTTLS connections
libdatetime-timezone-perl Update for new tzdata version
libdbd-csv-perl Fix test failure with libdbi-perl 1.642-1+deb10u2
libdbi-perl Security fix
libmaxminddb Fix heap-based buffer over-read
lttng-modules Fix build on kernel versions >= 4.19.0-10
m2crypto Fix compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.1i and newer
mini-buildd sbuild call: set ‘—no-arch-all’ explicitly
net-snmp snmpd: Add cacheTime and execType flags to EXTEND-MIB
node-ini Do not allow invalid hazardous string as section name
node-y18n Fix prototype pollution issue
nvidia-graphics-drivers New upstream release; fix possible denial of service and information disclosure
nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-390xx New upstream release; fix possible denial of service and information disclosure
pdns Security fixes
pepperflashplugin-nonfree Turn into a dummy package taking care of removing the previously installed plugin (no longer functional nor supported)
pngcheck Fix buffer overflow
postgresql-11 New upstream stable release; security fixes
postsrsd Ensure timestamp tags aren’t too long before trying to decode them
python-bottle Stop allowing ; as a query-string separator
python-certbot Automatically use ACMEv2 API for renewals, to avoid issues with ACMEv1 API removal
qxmpp Fix potential SEGFAULT on connection error
silx python(3)-silx: Add dependency on python(3)-scipy
slirp Fix buffer overflows
steam New upstream release
systemd journal: do not trigger assertion when journal_file_close() is passed NULL
tang Avoid race condition between keygen and update
tzdata New upstream release; update included timezone data
unzip Apply further fixes for CVE-2019-13232
wireshark Fix various crashes, infinite loops and memory leaks
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